Table nº7 was born in a plane from Mexico City to Paris. When Laura Boyadjian, interior designer, shared the hint to María de la Orden, fashion designer, everything came to life over this flight.


During this pandemic time, they decided to give the truly experience of hosting in colour and generosity in a venue located in Saint Germain des Près, in Paris. An exclusive place, with only one table to host lunch, dinner and events into a unique ambience... That keeps changing for your entire desire. The art de la Table disrupted to be a journey on its own. Voilà! 

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Live the Table N'7 experiencie

You cannot change your house every day, but you can change your table everyday. This is a way to reach hapiness within yourself with your friends and family. We are inspired by the love of hosting and make poeple happy. Trough our experiences we really felt the opportunity to offer this to anyone who would like to express themselves around the art de le table. The venue in Paris, will be a really special animated place, for guests who would like to book the one Table n°7 . We tend to creat such a memory like a favorite moment during any holiday. When you close your eyes, it can be a simple moment that get you back to your childhood, to a dream or a fantasy that would last in your best memories.


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About the founders

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Interior designer

Laura is the founder of the Right Alphabet. She co-founded Carpenters workshop Architecture in London. In collaboration with the well known design gallery based in London, Paris , New York and San Francisco.




María is the co founder of two clothing brands : Maria de la Orden and La veste. Between Paris and Madrid.